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Category: current thoughts

25 March 2018 Bible Reading

Jesus made Capernaum His home during the years of His ministry.  Peter, Andrew, James and John lived in the village as fishermen.  Matthew also lived there.  Capernaum existed from about […]

24 March 2018 Bible Reading

We encircled Mount Seir many days…. Think about that: in this short phrase, Moses summarizes the nomadic life of the previous 38 years.  In that time, they went north a […]

23 March 2018 Bible Reading

This is the perfect time of year to relate to the disciples’ displeasure at dining with tax collectors. Numbers 36 – Deuteronomy 1:46 36 The heads of the fathers’ households […]

22 March 2018 Bible Reading

In order to possess the land God had promised, the children of Israel were to drive out all the inhabitants of the land along with every trace of their vile […]

21 March 2018 Bible Reading

The Sea of Galilee is about 7 miles wide and 12.5 miles long. The importance of fish in Palestinian society is demonstrated by prominent names: Jerusalem had a “fish gate” […]

20 March 2018 Bible Reading

This has always confused me: did Satan really believe he could offer a temptation which Jesus could not resist? There are other passages that indicate Satan and his followers understood […]

19 March 2018 Bible Reading

Passover or Pesach is a Jewish holiday. Jewish people celebrate Passover to commemorate God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Passover starts on the 15th of the Hebrew month of Nisan […]

18 March 2018 Bible Reading

The importance of genealogies becomes apparent when Jesus’ lineage is traced back to Adam. Numbers 28:16-29:40 16 “‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, is Yahweh’s […]

17 March 2018 Bible Reading

Today’s reading in the 60th Psalm tells of a time when David was at war. He was a long way from home, near the River Euphrates, near Babylon. The old […]

16 March 2018 Bible Reading

Today’s reading in Luke 2 refers to “the days of Caesar Augustus”. Caesar Augustus reigned as emperor of the Roman empire from 27 B.C. to 14 A.D., 41 years in all. […]

15 March 2018 Bible Reading

Zacharias’ praise at the birth of his son John acknowledges the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy. Numbers 22:21-23:30 21 Balaam rose up in the morning, and saddled his donkey, and […]

14 March 2018 Bible Reading

It took 20 months to go from Kadesh to the Jordan River across from Jericho. Israel was smitten with delays: Edom refused direct passage; Moab hired Balaam to curse Israel […]

13 March 2018 Bible Reading

Today we begin reading Luke. Luke is easily divided in two sections: the arrival among men of Jesus the Messiah, from his birth to the beginning of his earthly mission […]

12 March 2018 Bible Reading

Mark 16:18, “‘They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them . . . .” can be confusing for some. Signs and […]

11 March 2018 Bible Reading

The Jewish leadership could not see beyond the politics of the day – they had no appreciation of the nature of the Kingdom. Numbers 15:17-16:40 17 Yahweh spoke to Moses, […]

10 March 2018 Bible Reading

It is easy to be critical of the Israelites, as we read the historical account from the comfort of our climate-controlled homes. I tend to think that most of us […]