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Category: current thoughts

19 October 2017 Bible Reading

Chaldea was a small Semitic nation that emerged between the late 10th and early 9th century BC, surviving until the mid 6th century BC, after which it disappeared as the […]

18 October 2017 Bible Reading

Today’s text in First Timothy 3 addresses the qualifications for elders and deacons (servants). There are some key differences between elders and deacons, that help us better understand their roles. […]

17 October 2017 Bible Reading

First Timothy presents the most explicit and complete instructions for church leadership and organization in the Bible. This includes sections on appropriate conduct in worship gatherings, the qualifications of elders […]

16 October 2017 Bible Reading

In today’s Bible reading, we begin our study of First Timothy. Paul wrote to Timothy to encourage him in his responsibility for overseeing the work of the Ephesian church and […]

15 October 2017 Bible Reading

Jehoiakim, c. 635–598 b.C., was king of Judah 608 – 598. He was the eldest son of king Josiah. After Josiah’s death, Jehoiakim’s younger brother Jehoahaz (also known as Shallum) […]

14 October 2017 Bible Reading

Today’s reading includes the 84th Psalm. Psalm 84 consists of two halves. The first half focuses on the idea of pilgrimage to the House of God.  The second half focuses […]

13 October 2017 Bible Reading

In today’s reading, we begin our study of Second Thessalonians. Paul wrote this letter to the congregation in Thessalonica a few months after the first one. He wrote from Corinth […]

12 October 2017 Bible Reading

In today’s Bible reading, we conclude First Thessalonians. As we have seen the Christians in Thessalonica were faithful in the face of persecution. Paul was inspired to write the letter […]

11 October 2017 Bible Reading

Today’s reading from First Thessalonians contains one of the simplest statements about the Second Coming of the Christ at 4:16-17, For the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a […]

10 October 2017 Bible Reading

After leaving Thessalonica, Paul, Silas, and Timothy traveled to Athens by way of Berea. After arriving in Athens, Paul wanted to know how the church in Thessalonica was doing, so […]

9 October 2017 Bible Reading

In today’s reading, we begin our study of First Thessalonians. Paul wrote this to the Thessalonian church from the city of Corinth around AD 51, just a few months after […]

8 October 2017 Bible Reading

Colossians focuses on doctrine and theology. Today, many people want to stay away from these topics and enjoy simpler topics that focus on practical, day-to-day matters. God clearly feels these […]

7 October 2017 Bible Reading

Throughout Colossians, Paul presents Jesus as the center of the universe, both the Creator and the recipient of creation, when He came as a man. Jesus was and is the […]

6 October 2017 Bible Reading

By inspiration, Paul confronted false teachers at Colossae who taught that Jesus was not God. The letter makes it clear that Jesus is God, Creator and Redeemer. Jeremiah 6:15-8:7 15 […]

5 October 2017 Bible Reading

The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write this letter to the Colossian church to address a doctrinal problem. Paul heard some details from Epaphras. Epaphras had come to Rome to […]

4 October 2017 Bible Reading

Paul wrote the letter to the Colossian church in A.D. 60-61 during his first imprisonment in Rome. Jeremiah 2:31-4:18 31 Generation, consider Yahweh’s word. Have I been a wilderness to […]