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Surrendering Iraq, Yemen & Bahrain

American incompetence has reached staggering heights.

The U.S. continues to burn through taxpayer money single-handedly providing the air support for Iran’s occupation of the Iraq that we fought so hard for over the last decade. In addition to an impressive military, civil and political contingent, Iran is fortifying it’s position of dominance in Iraq by deploying its best artillery and rocket forces throughout Iraq. The stage is now set for a complete Shiite victory over the Sunni. Iraq’s status as an Iranian client-state is now a fait accompli.

Thanks to American incompetence, Iran will soon gain control of Syria, Yemen and much of North Africa. One of the most stinging setbacks will be when Iran engineers the overthrow of the Government of Bahrain. Bahrain is home to the Headquarters of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet – when the Iranians force us to shut down and withdraw from the Arabian Gulf, the damage to American foreign policy will be irreparable. Americans need to wake up and realize that there is apparently no one in our political or military leadership with the competence needed to advance our strategic interests on the world stage.

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