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We Are the Bad Guys in Iraq

The U.S. is supporting the bad guys in the campaign against ISIL/ISIS. There is no a clear pattern of U.S.-supported, pro-government Iraqi Shiite militias looting and abusing Sunni populations whenever and wherever we help them displace ISIS/ISIL.

In the absence of any thoughtful strategic leadership, the U.S. military is providing intelligence and air support for an ethnic cleansing campaign.

Human rights abuses by Shiite militias are not new, but the pace, effectiveness and ferocity have greatly increased. Following the collapse of the Iraqi army, Iraq’s senior Shia cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, issued a ‘call to arms’ that sharpened the focus on sectarian differences and diminished the authority of legitimate government. Shiite Iraqi leadership has made its preference for Shia Iran abundantly clear. It is incomprehensible, then, that the U.S. government could justify any involvement or support.


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