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A Bad Night’s Sleep Saved the Jews

Could we see the hand of God in a sleepless night? The hand of God moves in the affairs of men, even in books of the Bible that do not mention God.

The Book of Esther is named for its heroine. Its author is unknown. It was written after the death of Ahasuerus (or Xerxes, in Greek) 465 b.C., and before the fall of Persia to the Greeks 432 b.C. It tells of the rise of the Jewish Esther as queen, Haman’s plot to destroy the Jews, the deliverance of the Jews, the feast of Purim, and the valor of Mordecai. On the night before Mordecai would have been put to death, King Ahasuerus could not sleep. Consulting the records of the court in his wakefulness, he noted that Mordecai had saved him without receiving the promised reward. God’s providence in preserving His “seed” promise is evident throughout. Sometimes, His help may even take the form of a sleepless night.

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