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Bible 2015: The Value of Context

Beginning 1 January 2015, this website will begin a year-long, daily Bible reading program. The intent is to provide a user friendly, value-added resource for those that would like to make their way through the entire Bible in 2015. It is our hope that the website will serve as a platform for readers to share their insights, impressions, questions and answers for the daily readings.

Each day, there will be a reading in four sections: Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

In addition to the reading, the site will offer limited commentary and study resources. The primary aim here will be to help the reader place the passage in its appropriate context.

One example of context is the placement of the passage in time. There are endless ways to organize human history. One that we will use is the arrangement of human history into the following 15 sections:

The Ante-Diluvian Period: Creation to the Flood, approximately 1,656 years

The Post-Diluvian Period: The Flood to the Call of Abraham, approximately 427 years

The Patriarchal Period:  Abraham to the Egyptian Bondage, approximately 215 years

Egyptian Bondage, the descent into Egypt to The Exodus, 215 years

Wilderness Wandering, The Exodus to the crossing of the Jordan, 40 years

The Conquest of Canaan, crossing of the Jordan to the death of Joshua, 20 years

Time of the Judges, death of Joshua to the anointing of King Saul, approximately 337 years

United Kingdom, reigns of Saul, David & Solomon, approximately 118 years

Divided Kingdom, Solomon to the Assyrian Captivity, approximately 254 years

Kingdom of Judah Alone, fall of Samaria to the fall of Jerusalem, approximately 135 years

Babylonian Captivity, the fall of Jerusalem to the first return, approximately 50 years

Restoration, return from Captivity to the close of Old Testament canon, approximately 100 years

Between the Testaments, Malachi to the birth of Christ, approximately 430 years

Life of Christ, birth to ascension, approximately 34 years

The Church, Pentecost to now….


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