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19 February 2018 Bible Reading

Some language scholars believe Urim essentially means guilty and Thummim essentially means innocent, this would imply that the purpose of […]

12 February 2018 Bible Reading

Today’s reading continues to look at the delivery of Mosaic Law, including those popularly known as the “Ten Commandments”. I’m […]

9 February 2018 Bible Reading

Were the apostles questioning their own devotion to Jesus when they asked, “Surely not I, Lord?” Exodus 29-30:10 29 “This […]

6 February 2018 Bible Reading

An understanding of the Tabernacle, its elements, and its functions is essential to understanding the Bible. One cannot begin to […]

4 February 2018 Bible Reading

Our Exodus selection introduces the Ten Commandments and laws regarding sacrifices. Our Matthew selection finds Jesus condemning the Pharisees for […]

23 January 2018 Bible Reading

Beersheba was founded when Abraham and Abimelech settled their differences over a well of water and made a covenant. Abimelech’s […]

21 January 2018 Bible Reading

How did Joseph’s brothers travel from Egypt to Palestine? Trade routes were few and difficult. Caravans were used because the […]