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23 June 2017 Bible Reading

At today’s prices, one ounce of silver sells for about $18. Naaman brought 660 pounds of silver. In today’s dollars, […]

22 June 2017 Bible Reading

The two Books of Kings were originally one book, organized into two. They provide the inspired history of about 400 […]

20 June 2017 Bible Reading

One cannot understand the New Testament without understanding the Old Testament. In today’s reading, Paul quotes both Psalm 2:7 and […]

19 June 2017 Bible Study

When Paul and his fellow travelers “set sail from Paphos, and came to Perga in Pamphylia”, they sailed up the […]

13 June 2017 Bible Reading

Ashtoreth, the goddess of the Sidonians was worshipped by women by offering their hair or their chastity. Worship of Chemosh, […]

12 June 2017 Bible Reading

God answers Solomon’s request with a promise and a provision for consequences if Solomon turns away from following God. Did […]

25 May 2017 Bible Reading

We will see Nathan, the prophet, throughout Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. He was a prophet in the court of King […]

26 May 2017 Bible Reading

Christ’s followers are compared to grapevines. The Vine-dresser must prune the grapevine so it can bear fruit. 2 Samuel 9-11:27 […]

27 May 2017 Bible Reading

I can really identify with today’s reading — David’s strong denunciation of his own crime convicts him. It’s a black […]

29 May 2017 Bible Reading

Joab played a pivotal role as the commander of David’s forces during Absalom’s rebellion. Absalom led a good part of […]

31 May 2017 Bible Reading

Crucifixion was developed as a terror weapon to control populations through fear. Victims were left on display after death as […]

1 June 2017 Bible Reading

While completely consistent with one another, Bible histories each discuss or emphasize different details of the resurrection. Here is a […]